The Joy of Radical Islam – Christian/Jewish Silence


Sunday, August 15, 2018

The silence within the Christian and Jewish communities and as well as the silence of all people who embrace freedom and democracy has caused them to inadvertently become partners with radical Islam in its quest to destroy Israel and her people.

International Christian broadcaster Earl Cox who has walked with Israel on the frontlines through three wars said today in an interview with Watchman Broadcasting, “The silence of those who embrace western values and believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are contributing to the savagery of terrorist organizations bent on destroying Israel and her people.” Cox is on his way back to Israel having only just returned from a six week working trip to the Holy Land. As in the past, Cox will be reporting from the Gaza border area and is doing so, he explained, “Because the mainstream media is clearly on the side of Israel’s enemies. These are the people responsible for “fake news,” Cox said. “On this trip I will again join with the minority of news people who are committed to reporting the facts rather than conjuring up justifications in defense of evil acts. The useless United Nations cannot be depended upon to address the evil emanating from the cowards in Gaza, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to the north of Israel in Lebanon who use their people as human shields. In less than 24 hours Hamas has launched close to 400 rockets into Israeli towns and villages along the Gaza border yet there’s no condemnation coming from the UN or other governing bodies.”

Cox went on to say that, “Those who are not for Israel are against Israel and therefore against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The government and people of Israel seek only peace from their neighbors unlike the murderers on their borders which surround them on every side. Radical Islamic warmongers value death and destruction over life and liberty … Israel’s core values. It’s simply black and white – evil attempting to triumph over good. To do nothing is to rubber stamp the Islamic mandate to kill Jews and Christians and to rule the world through fear and subjugation.” Cox concluded by challenging all leaders within the Christian and Jewish communities to encourage those they represent to speak out through electronic, print and social medias expressing support for Israel in whatever action she must take to stop this insanity.

For Immediate Release – Saturday, July 14, 2018
Contact: Dorothy Spaulding

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