Speaker Boehner Welcomes Christian Leaders Opposed to the Iran Deal

Speaker John Boehner welcomed leaders of the group American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) to discuss their views about President Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement and this week’s expected legislative action in the House.  ACLI’s network includes a coalition of more than 650 pastors and Christian leaders, representing millions of believers and parishioners across America, who jointly signed a letter registering the support for Israel’s security and their grave concerns about the President’s advocacy for a deal that allows Iran to remain a nuclear-threshold state.  The group also sponsored a similarly worded petition drive which gathered more than 60,000 signatures online.

“This Iran deal is bad for Israel and bad for America,” Speaker Boehner said.  “Everywhere I’ve gone the last six weeks, the issue I heard most about was the President’s terrible plan for allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  I want to thank the leaders of ACLI for coming together for this unprecedented effort.  They are working hard to alert their fellow Americans about this bad deal and the danger it poses to our allies in the Jewish state of Israel.”


Note: Attendees included Roberta Combs, president of Christian Coalition of America; Earl Cox, founder of Israel Always; Linda Smith, VP & COO of National Religious Broadcasters; Susan Michael, U.S. Director, International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem; and Jim Backlin of Christian Coalition of America.

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