South Carolina lawmakers told of Anti-Semitism epidemic on America’s campuses.


FOR:  Immediate Release
CONTACT:  Louise Dahl

“Anti-Semitism is traveling at warp speed on the campuses of America’s institutions of higher learning,” according to International Christian Broadcaster Earl Cox. Testifying today before members of the South Carolina legislature’s Subcommittee on Higher Education Cox said, “If anti-Semitism is not addressed, our society which once considered itself a melting pot strengthened by our differences, will instead become a society deeply and irreparably divided by our differences. To live in a free society we must peacefully respect one another’s right to live, worship and believe as our consciences lead. Hateful organizations and individuals are working on America’s campuses negatively influencing the hearts and minds of our young people trying to absorb them into acts of discrimination against the Jewish State of Israel and its supporters. Without a clear definition as to what constitutes anti-Semitism, hate crimes will accelerate against Jews without there being any serious consequences.” Cox praised the subcommittee and the entire SC General Assembly for setting the example for other states to follow in supporting the safety and well-being of Jewish students on campus.

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