PRESS RELEASE – Walking the Gaza Border with Earl Cox

Walking the Gaza Border with Earl Cox
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Unrest at Israel’s border next to Gaza is a never ending conflict. While Israel seeks peace with her neighbors, the Gazans prefer war.

For almost three weeks I have been at the Gaza border meticulously observing the uncivilized aggression against the Israeli people by radical Islamic terrorists bent on destroying Israel and her people. The unrest at the border since the end of March continues under the guise of “peaceful” demonstrations which is anything but truthful. They are not demonstrating and certainly not peacefully. What they are doing is violently rioting – first for ‘the right of return,’ then against the relocation of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s rightful capital … Jerusalem.  The Palestinians have crafted and introduced a new form of terror and with much success. Instead of sending rockets into Israel, the terrorists are now sending kites and balloons carrying Molotov cocktails and melting fire bombs which drip over large areas of dry fields igniting Israel’s farmlands destroying well over a million dollars worth of crops which Israelis depend upon to support their families.

In an interview at the Gaza border, I spoke with a resident of a kibbutz which owns wheat fields now burned and covered in ash. Once a fire is ignited, the winds coming off the Mediterranean Sea cause the fires to spread very rapidly. As you’ll see in the interview below, across the field the Palestinians have again set fire to tires to create a smoke screen as they attempt to breach the border.

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Additionally, I spoke with an Israeli firefighter who, along with many others, had been fighting burning fields for over 24 hours.

(CLICK PICTURE for entire interview)

Based on the long history of Palestinian aggression against Israel, I am convinced that the only solution to stopping the horrific acts of violence is for Israel to conduct a clean sweep of Gaza to once and for all free Gaza of Hamas terrorists thereby freeing Israel from terror along the Gaza border. The Palestinian people themselves are being used and terrorized by their own government. Eliminating the terrorists from Gaza would be a win-win for all however all measures must be taken to prevent a greater evil from filling the void.

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