PRESS RELEASE – Former PM Says Israel Must Take Action


Former PM Says Israel Must Take Action
By Steve RussellWhile fields are burning in southern Israel due to incediary kites being sent over the border fence by rioting Gazans and Israeli civilians running for safe shelters, the world continues to condemn Israel for defending her people and land.

In an exclusive interview with Christian broadcaster and journalist Earl Cox, the former prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert expressed his feelings and frustrations about the Gaza terrorists saying, “Israel must take decisive action!  We must take extreme measures to stop these attacks into southern Israel.” Speaking calmly but forcefully he went on to say, “Israel has every right to stop the aggression.” The former prime minister spoke with Cox at length about terrorist rocket attacks, terrorism via incendiary kites and the world’s unconscionable condemnation of Israel. Olmert was firm stating that, “Two things need to be addressed sooner rather than later. One is to take severe military measures and, at the same time, take measures to stop our critics – people or nations – who find fault with Israel without having the facts.”

He continued by conveying to Cox that, in his opinion, ways must be devised to separate the small minority of terrorists from the vast majority of people living in Gaza who want peace and a better life for their children.  Olmert continued, “Israel must exercise a plan in order to defend our citizens and how we do this is up to the prime minister.” During the interview the former prime minister reiterated that Israel, “will need to take military measures to defend her land and her people.”

Clearly the former prime minister is concerned about protecting innocent Israeli civilians and their land, but he also expressed concern for innocent Gazans. Concluding he said, “We have to reach out for the majority of people living in Gaza who are sick and tired” of turmoil and fighting.

Earl Cox has been in Israel for several weeks and will continue sending updates from the Gaza border. You may also see his reports on television, radio and in many newspapers.  Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated.


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