Has the EU Gone Completely Mad Embracing Hamas?

During a radio interview with The Gospel Station Network headquartered in Oklahoma, International Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox, said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s criticism of European hypocrisy exhibited by the EU’s decision this week to remove Hamas from the terror blacklist and to symbolically recognize a Palestinian state was right on target. Cox went on to say, “It is a travesty that a Hitler mentality is again being exhibited by many European countries. The EU’s decision to remove Hamas from being listed as a terrorist organization and to reward these barbarians with legitimate-state-status is not only insane but sends a horrendous message to civilized people around the world that it is better to pacify violent, radical Islam than to confront it for the evil it is.  To elevate the very people who have committed countless atrocities against humanity, engaged in war crimes, continue to embrace jihad and call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people and place them on equal footing with the civilized world clearly demonstrates the power of the radical Muslim propaganda machine to create myths and distort and alter the facts and somehow dupe the media, governments and people of the world into buying into their fabrications.”

“It’s plain and simple,” Cox said.  “Hamas terrorists are experts at manipulation and deception. They are committed to the total destruction of Israel, a legitimate democratic state recognized by the United Nations.  Yet, the EU, by its latest action in favor of Hamas, has fully demonstrated its own anti-Semitic attitude against peace-loving Israel. Every Christian and every person who values freedom and democracy has a moral obligation to speak out loudly against anti-Israel European countries who have forgotten the shameful past of the Holocaust where six million Jewish people were slaughtered. While many who participated in those horrors called themselves Christians, they could only have been under the control of Satan himself and not really Christians at all.  As the Bible says,‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’”

Cox concluded his remarks by suggesting that Christians around the globe should come together in unity to speak with one collective and loud voice against all people and nations that side with Hamas and other radical Islamic organizations and countries. “Any organization, people, group or country that calls for the destruction of another, and which openly engages in acts of terror, and which sanctions hate-speech by its religious and government leaders must be listed as terrorists.  There is simply no room at any peace table for those who refuse to embrace peace.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  Hamas and the Palestinians cannot give peace in exchange for land because they do not possess any peace.  Their intentions toward Israel and the Jewish people are nothing but calls for annihilation and destruction.”

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