Hamas’s Biggest Asset – Liberal Journalists

“CNN reporting of the war between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel is a major contributor to advancing the Hamas agenda of getting the world to view them as the underdogs and the victims of Israeli aggression and nothing could be farther from the truth,” said international broadcaster, Earl Cox.
In an interview with Randall Christy of the Gospel Station Radio Network, the largest Gospel radio network in the U.S.A., Cox blasted CNN and their journalists as, “promoters of entertainment rather than communicators of factual news.” Cox, who has covered four wars including the Vietnam War, said that, as a journalist himself, he is ashamed that so many in the media today prostitute themselves to organizations like CNN whose liberal views they promote at the expense of ethical journalist principles. “Their lopsided, unfair and unbalanced coverage of the Gaza-Israel war is a prime example,” he said.
“It is a disgrace beyond words that over eighty percent of CNN’s coverage of the war has focused on wounded and dead Palestinians while completely ignoring the real culprit who’s responsible these war crimes and that being Hamas. Despite the fact that the Secretary General of the United Nations and numerous reporters embedded in Gaza have acknowledged that Hamas uses their own people as human shields, CNN continues to throw the blame on Israel knowing full well that Israel drops leaflets, sends text messages and makes phone calls warning Palestinians well in advance of their intentions to fire at Hamas rocket sites and tunnels which Hamas has cleverly placed in the heart of densely populated neighborhoods for the sole purpose of creating civilian causalities as this plays well for the media.”
Cox suggested that CNN and others are failing to report the truth largely because Hamas leaders have threatened to expel journalists from Gaza if they write or broadcast Hamas’s use of Palestinians as human shields or that they are using civilian sites in densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods as weapon depots and rocket launch sites from which to attack Israel. “One thing is for certain,” Cox said, “CNN will do anything to please Hamas even if it means reporting distorted, inaccurate and unbalanced news.”
Cox covered Israel’s war with Lebanon in 2006, both Gaza conflicts, two intifadas and the Vietnam War. His writings appear in numerous publications. Cox has been on the ground in Israel for the past four weeks broadcasting and writing stories on the current Hamas-Israel war.

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