Christian leaders urged to support Prime Minister Netanyahu who supports US.

Netanyahu UNIn an interview with Watchman Broadcasting Television network in Augusta, Georgia, international Christian broadcaster and journalist Earl Cox said, “Israel’s Prime Minister is correct to stand up for what is right rather than cowering to those who are more concerned with what they consider political correctness.”  Cox is referring to the invitation extended by U.S. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a full session of the U.S. Congress on March 3rd without having first received the blessing of the White House.  Cox went on to say, Boehner“While the White House is busy criticizing Netanyahu and Boehner for moving outside of what they consider proper channels of protocol, Netanyahu should instead be hailed as a hero for his courageous willingness to sacrifice his own political future in order to warn the free world and save his country from facing a nuclear-armed Iran. Being willing to shoulder the burden of criticism from the White House and other dovish world leaders proves that NetanyahuNetanyahu’s moral compass is correctly set.  He’s putting the best interests of his country, the Israeli people and the entire free world above his personal political career as he calls for tougher, not lesser, sanctions against Iran.”

Cox went on to explain his position.

Obama and Rouhani“Under the current deal being considered by the P5+1- the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany – and Iran, Iran would retain the ability to continue producing the material necessary for a nuclear bomb which would give Iran the capability of producing a nuclear weapon within just months. In other words, the P5+1 would be paving the way for Iran to immediately become a nuclear threshold state. This is a problem not only for Israel but is also a serious threat to the entire free world.  Iran is a terrorist state with a rogue regime that supports a host of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.  All are outspoken enemies of Israel, the United States and the West in general.  While President Obama and other world leaders are seemingly asleep on their watch, Prime Minister Netanyahu is busy sounding the alarm but his message and his warnings are either intentionally or unintentionally falling on deaf ears in the White House.  The same will not be true of the Congress and perhaps this is what is most upsetting to Obama. Congress will finally hear the unfiltered truth of what awaits the world from a nuclear-armed Iran whose outspoken ambitions include the destruction of Israel and the United States.  Despite Rouhani’s charming smile, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and not to be trusted.  For diplomatic efforts to succeed in curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, those at the negotiating table must come from a position of strength.  Right now the P5+1 seems to be setting the bargaining table with diplomatic puff pastries which look great on the outside but which lack any substance. Iran and the rest of the Islamic world are not playing from the same set of rules and do not embrace the same values as the West.  Agreements and diplomacy mean nothing to them.  Deception and violence are the name of their game and negotiating from a position of strength is the only way to play.  Any plan put forth needs to have teeth; not the kind for chewing the cud but fangs for ripping into the meat if necessary.  Netanyahu understands this and he desperately wants the rest of the free world to understand this as well.  He’s banking his political future, and the future of the free world as we know it, on Congress taking his warning to heart. To relieve or lift sanctions at this critical stage will only serve to embolden Iran to continue marching onward toward acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities while giving nothing of substance in return. The deal presently on the table grants Iran the right to retain an enrichment program and softens demands that Tehran dismantle large swaths of its nuclear infrastructure.  If the deal goes through as it is, Iran wins.”  Cox went on to say, “It should be obvious that Iran possesses the conviction to utilize nuclear weapons because they place such little value on human life.  Faced with such a threat, it appears the leaders of the free world would stand on the sidelines sweating and bitting their nails.  The time to stop Iran is now before she possesses a nuclear weapon.  Afterward is too late.  Prime Minister Netanyahu knows this and the rest of the world must wake up before we are blown up. Netanyahu should be thanked for caring for U.S. more than some of our own leaders care especially those in the current administration. He should be thanked for his willingness to sacrifice his political legacy for the greater good of preserving and protecting Israel and the free world; something other world leaders lack the backbone to do themselves.”

Cox concluded his interview by calling on Christian leaders and the rank and file Christians to write to their Congressional representatives encouraging them to stand with Israel.  He also called for the same to write to the White House demanding heavier, not lighter, sanctions be placed on Iran and that any bargaining package be backed by strong and verifiable evidence that Iran is in full compliance at all times.”

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