Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox, visits wounded IDF soldiers at BARZILAI MEDICAL CENTER in ASHKELON

Barzilai Medical Center

“Hamas rockets continue to rain down indiscriminately on the people living in southern Israel,” Cox said. “Today, as IDF troops continue to destroy terrorist tunnels, the doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff at Barzilai Hospital are busy around the clock treating wounded civilians and IDF soldiers alike.  During my visit to the hospital, the Red Alert sirens were blaring a warning that rockets from Hamas terrorists in Gaza were incoming.  Imagine having to live and work under this horrendous stress every day,” exclaimed Cox.  “Since Barzilai is the closest medical facility located in Ashkelon near the Gaza border, for this reason they attend to all who are injured and wounded – military and civilian alike – Palestinian and Israeli alike and all without discrimination.  I find this remarkable,” said Cox. “The staff at Barzilai is truly dedicated to providing care to all people in need of medical attention. This is something the world must be told.  Israel values life – all life.  The same cannot be said for radical Muslims.”


The hospital’s C.E.O. and Medical Director, Dr. Chezy Levy, along with Dr. Ron Lobel who is Barzilai’s Deputy C.E.O, introduced Christian broadcaster, Earl Cox, to an Israeli solider who had been wounded in the hip and leg by Hamas terrorists. Barzilai Medical Center, with only 20 rooms to accommodate emergency patients, manages to provide care and treatment to over 100,000 emergency patients a year and serves a population of about 500,000, in peace time as well as in times of emergency, in a region defined as periphery including the cities Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, Sderot and the settlements around Gaza.


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