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FPJ History

Earl Cox (right) and Ben Kinchlow (left) - co-hosts of Front Page Jerusalem

Earl Cox (right) and Ben Kinchlow (left) – co-hosts of Front Page Jerusalem

Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network (FPJ) began operation in 2002 in Charleston, South Carolina. It was the inspiration of Earl Cox, a Washington DC insider who, for many years, served in senior level positions in the administration of four U.S. presidents. It was on an early morning jog in the year 2000 that Cox sensed God calling him to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. In 2002, after visiting the site just minutes after the now infamous Passover Seder bombing at the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel, Cox recalls returning to his hotel room stunned not only by what he saw but by the way the bombing was reported by the mainstream television media. As he watched CNN’s coverage of the bombing and listened as they put their anti-Israel ‘spin’ on the tragedy, Earl realized that the world was not receiving truthful news and honest reporting. It was at this point that Earl was inspired to begin producing a weekly news radio talk show to bring factual information about Israel and the Middle East to listening audiences around the world.

FPJ began production shortly thereafter. In 2004, Earl Cox and his wife, Kathleen, felt the Lord urging them to move the program to Jerusalem, Israel, in order to be closer to the news. They began planning and in 2005, just prior to the onset of the Gaza Disengagement, they made the move. Earl and Kathleen lived in Jerusalem the entire year of 2005 returning to the States in February 2006. During their year-long stay in Jerusalem, the Cox’s became familiar with the Israeli people, the government and the work of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) and their media team headed by David Parsons. After bringing well-known Christian broadcaster Ben Kinchlow into the program line-up, Earl later invited the International Christian Embassy to assume production of the FPJ program from Jerusalem. The ICEJ began producing Front Page Jerusalem in the fall of 2005.

Click here listen to FPJ broadcasts from the internet. If your favorite local radio station (Christian or secular) is not currently offering this unique, fact-filled program featuring exclusive interviews with government officials, Israeli news makers and experts on Israel and the Middle East, please consider contacting the station management asking them to add FPJ to their programming schedule. Front Page Jerusalem is provided at no cost to radio stations around the world. To protect those radio stations airing Front Page Jerusalem over their airways, the internet broadcast is always one week behind.