“Yes! Free, Free Palestine!”

This chant is being shouted from streets of major cities across America and around the world. The message we hear is, how can these poor, oppressed Palestinians live one more day facing such violence and turmoil? The whole world must unite to help these oppressed and depressed underdogs who have been forced to flee their homes and live in deplorable conditions in UNRWA-sponsored school buildings that serve as emergency shelters during the escalating violence between Hamas and Israel. The news outlets want you to think Israel is the demon. But is that really the truth?

Maybe we should look at this from another angle. Yes! Free, Free Palestine! Not from Israel, but from their own people, from those they have elected as their leaders. Free them from the savagery of being forced by said elected officials to live under deplorable conditions due to their elected leaders being too busy building bombs, their terrorist infrastructure and engaging in a relentless campaign of hate against Israel. Shouldn’t they have been concentrating their efforts on building a society with a progressive economy, quality medical facilities, an uncorrupt, honest and dependable police force, emergency medical services and functional fire departments? Free them from being forced to live under the tyranny of a government whose heart and soul has been blackened and rotted by its insatiable appetite for hate and violence. Free them from a kind of slavery, from having to live under the rule of a government that has failed them in every possible way. The Palestinian government has failed to establish a society that loves its children and people more than they hate Israel and the Jews. The Palestinians have failed to become contributing members of a civilized world. They prefer to behave like barbarians that keep their people in a constant state of unrest. Then they blame all their woes on Israel.

What’s even more deplorable than all of the above? It’s that the world has bought the terrorists’ propaganda messages that the Palestinians are innocent victims of Israeli aggression. Yes, the world has swallowed their bait–hook, line and sinker.

Because of terrorist-generated untruths and propaganda, Israel has to fight a battle on two fronts: one with Hamas; the other over the airwaves. The latter is the war for public opinion. Left to her own devices, Israel can easily win against Hamas, but the war for public opinion is another matter altogether. When the media takes sides, truth becomes blurred and slanted. The public consumes (and believes) what the media cooks up.

What would the public come to see and believe if the media were to stick to reporting facts–from both sides? Then, no rational person would side with the Palestinian storyline. Yes, their plight is horrible. But their horrible plight is not because of Israel. Yet, the media would have you believe all of the problems in the Middle East are thanks to Israel.

Reports over the airwaves are quick to convey in sensational fashion the deaths of Palestinians killed by Israelis who were doing nothing more than protecting and defending themselves against barrages of rockets being hurled at them from Hamas inside the Palestinian Gaza. Rockets are literally raining down upon Israel and they are reaching farther and farther into densely populated areas.

Now, consider these words: Defensive vs. Offensive. Israel has built a sophisticated DEFENSIVE weapons system called the “Iron Dome.” Conversely, the Palestinians have built only an OFFENSIVE weapons system. Their weapons have targeted populated areas inside Israel as far inland as Jerusalem and also their nuclear plant. Israel uses their “Iron Dome” defensively to protect her citizens and her land from terrorist aggression in the form of rockets launched by Hamas. But, the Palestinians are using their citizens–men, women and children–as human shields to protect their weapons systems. They do this because they know Israel will not intentionally target civilians.

When an Israeli defensive strike against Hamas inside Gaza results in the death of civilian Palestinians, especially children, Israel mourns. We read in the media, however, that Israel killed civilians. We don’t read that Hamas intentionally placed civilians in harms way in an attempt to protect their weapons and rocket launchers. The Palestinians know that Israel values life–all life, and they take advantage of it.

How often do you hear or read in the media that Hamas hides rockets and launchers inside schools, hospitals and private homes? “Why don’t the people object?” you ask. Are you kidding? Remember, these are poor, oppressed Palestinians enslaved by their own people. They don’t have the freedom to resist, or to protest; otherwise they will surely end up dead at the hands of their own people.

Public opinion polls always show Israel on the underside. This is because the media intentionally sabotages the truth. They choose to favor the Palestinians. They willfully withhold facts and they willfully paint a false picture. When television reports show crying Palestinians searching through rubble and under slabs of concrete for their children and other loved ones, all that is reported is that the scene on the screen is due to an Israeli rocket attack. What’s the public supposed to think? And they conclude that the perpetrator, Hamas, is innocent, and the Israelis, who value life, all life, are guilty. Do you ever hear it reported that Israel regularly telephones the residences of an attack area well in advance of any airstrike and drops warning leaflets from the air advising residents of their intent to strike and that it is urgent for them to evacuate? In case you are wondering why Israel would target a civilian neighborhood, remember, that’s where Hamas hides its weapons and rocket launchers. Does Hamas give their own people, much less Israeli civilians, the same courtesy of advance warning? No! Why? It’s because the Palestinians purposely target Israeli civilians and their actions are purely and exclusively OFFENSIVE. Conversely, Israeli actions are purely and exclusively DEFENSIVE.

Yes, the Palestinians have it all figured out. First, the Palestinians use their own people as human shields so that they can protect their weapons. Then, they plan for civilian deaths, especially women and children, by making sure their people do not heed the warnings from Israel to vacate. Once Israel strikes, they call the media to assist in the body count. This tactic works every single time. It’s time we call them out, folks. It’s time to change the story. Israel is not the demon. Israel is not the aggressor. Israel is not an illegal occupier.

As Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel, once said to a group of Arab leaders, “We can forgive you for killing our children. We can never forgive you for forcing us to kill your children.”

God Bless Israel.

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