Waiting for the Dust to Settle on the Iranian Nuclear Plan

While waiting for the dust to settle on the impressive sounding Iranian nuclear plan known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and also known by many as “The Obama Legacy Hope” and the “Kerry Nobel Prize Search,” I realized that I might be dead when that dust finally settles. Hopefully it will be due to natural causes but it is possible that it might be caused from nuclear fallout – even if it takes ten years to touch down. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, President Obama has assured the American public and the world that we should rest assured because reaching this agreement was the right thing to do. He carefully tried to hide the side agreements, especially the one that allows Iran to perform their own inspections. This one definitely does not pass the smell test or the trust test.

He even went to extraordinary lengths to assure the American public and others by going straight to television to make his case in defense of what will surely prove to be a disastrous deal. Appearing on television the POTUS said, “I really want people to pay attention to this issue and learn about it, and then contact their elected representatives and express their opinion.” This is almost laughable as those elected officials paid to “represent the people” were somehow rendered either spineless or powerless to have any real impact on the outcome of the nuclear deal. The impassive democratic but majority Republican government has been known in recent years to reinvent the wheel of inertia.

It is very difficult for the United States Congress to do anything when it is circumvented by the U. S. Presidency. The U. S. Constitution has been pushed aside and along with it the system of checks and balances designed and established by America’s founding fathers to form the United States into a great nation with a government that is “by the people and for the people.” What do I mean by claiming America’s system of checks and balances has been pushed aside? Well, the Obama-Kerry plan to go to the United Nations in advance of the U. S. Congress for JCPOA approval is a prime example.

Here we can watch how the predominately Muslim or Islamic nations (I don’t know which if the term “extremist” is appended to the name) debate the Iranian nuclear issue. Surely they will have cause for alarm when they carefully consider the ramifications of Iran gaining an estimated windfall of $150 billion dollars. What will they do with all that money? We may very well find out what bloc voting looks like. With the world economy as it is, I’m sure all of these countries will be looking for a major philanthropist.

When the U. S. government, a.k.a. Obama, removed the military option from any pact with the dangerous, rogue state of Iran, it was reportedly done because Iran is a nation that may be associated with incidents of violent extremism … but not terror. Is there any difference?

The U. S. government seems to have taken on the form of one man and this by self-executive order. He seems to move in his own direction unhindered and makes policy decisions without regard to anyone else or the legality of the decision and only comments later (if he comments at all) possibly because he might be wrong. He seemingly has no regard for the law, the American people, Christianity, law enforcement, the military or Israel – America’s best and only real friend and ally in the Middle East. He disregards everything and everybody who make up the glue that has always held together the great United States of America.

The U. S. government, as represented by this man, disregards the daily insults from Iran such as “death to America” and “death to Israel.” He also seems unfazed by Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi’s statement that, “The West knew we’d keep arming allies during negotiations.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who always behaved as America’s friend and ally, came out swinging once he removed the dagger from his back and dusted the bus tire tracks from off of his clothing. Obama responded by coming off of the golf course to pacify the prime minister. This was a serious calculated move by the president. After all, how is he ever to improve his game with side-deal distractions? By now President Obama is well known for using the strategy of appeasement. He immediately called and offered Netanyahu a deal but Netanyahu was not to be easily pacified. Reports are conflicting but from what I can determine, Obama told Netanyahu that he had five years to improve Israel’s surveillance of Iran and improve Israel’s defensive weapons technology but emphasizing that Israel need not accomplish this overnight as plenty of time was built into the deal. Oh, and this multibillion dollars that Iran is to receive very shortly was explained as a humanitarian gesture to help feed the many, many poor Iranians who are not out there fighting and demonstrating against America and against Israel. Well, at least there are some strings attached! In addition Iran, like all nations, needs to rebuild its infrastructure. After all, her roads have been ruined by tanks and trucks laden with heavy missiles causing potholes which the Ayatollah Khamenei has vowed to send elsewhere.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The Koran allows Islam to lie to the infidels (that’s anyone who is not a Muslim) if it furthers their goals. You cannot negotiate with them. You cannot believe anything they tell you. They only have their interests at heart and it is to convert or destroy all infidels and take over the world.

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