True Christians are not part of the BDS crowd

Anyone who supports a BDS campaign against Israel and claims to be a Christian is not telling the truth. Even the Bible warns us to beware of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

True Christians support Israel because G-d says we should. Recognizing Evangelical Christians as true friends of Israel, the late Yuri Shtern established the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in 2004 for the purpose of building a direct line of communication, cooperation and coordination between the Knesset and Christian leaders around the world. Yuri understood that anti-Semitism was (and is) on the rise and took steps to create a solid and lasting friendship with Evangelical Christians who have faithfully stood with Israel, supporting and helping the Jewish nation and people.

How can true Christians be identified? The Bible says “by their works.” Several Evangelical Christian groups are operating full time in Israel helping the impoverished and bringing comfort and encouragement to the people of Israel as the Bible says we should. Christians make significant financial contributions to many worthy causes in Israel such as the concrete bomb shelters which are strategically placed in and around Israeli cities and towns along the Gaza border. These bomb shelters have saved countless lives by providing much needed protection against incoming rockets from Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

True Christians are active and outspoken in support of Israel and proudly call themselves “Zionists.” An example comes to mind of the many enthusiastic marching groups of Evangelical Christians which come to Israel each year to participate in The Jerusalem March held during the Feast of Tabernacles. March participants come from many nations and continents just to be counted as supporters of Israel. They adorn themselves in brightly colored clothing and carry festive flags and banners expressing and proclaiming love and support for Israel. It’s a deep down “in the soul” type love which those who engage in BDS campaigns do not possess and cannot comprehend.

Evangelical Christians believe that Israel has the absolute right to exist as Jewish state on all of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea – on land which was given to them by the Almighty as an everlasting possession. This means that the land belongs to the Jews forever and not to the Arabs who, according to the Bible, are the illegal occupiers.

It’s impossible to be a true Christian while denying what the Bible says about G-d having deeded the land of Israel to the Jews and the Jews being G-d’s chosen people. Those who claim to be Christians but believe otherwise may be fooling themselves. The Bible talks about a time that will come when G-d will say to those counterfeit Christians, “Depart from Me. I never knew you.”

It’s disturbing how mainstream, non-evangelical Christian denominations have initiated boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against commercial enterprises doing business with Israel and against products made in Israel. If the world only knew the many inventions and advanced technologies which were birthed in Israel and from which the world greatly benefits, these same people would be thanking Israel instead of boycotting. It’s the liberal leaders in the mainstream churches who are polluting the hearts and minds of their congregants and the congregants are allowing themselves to be led astray because they are unfamiliar with the Word of G-d and the truth about Israel. They occupy church pews on Sunday but their knowledge of His Word is only superficial.

Israel must know that true Evangelical Christians are not part of the BDS crowd. Evangelicals promote support for Israel and Israeli products at every opportunity and encourage trade between our countries and Israel. Why are Evangelical Christians so fervent in supporting Israel? Because we know that without the Jews and their faithful recordings in the Torah, Tenach and other holy writings, the Christian faith would be without a written and recorded foundation. The roots of Christianity are solidly founded in Judaism. The Jews gave us our Bible and our G-d selected Jewish men to be the writers. We live by Judeo-Christian doctrines, principles, and values. How can any person claim to be a Christian and not embrace Israel and the Jews? After all, Jesus came to the world through the Jews so how can we love Jesus without also loving His family?

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