Godly Restraint or Cowardly Chicken…?

We’ve reached a point in world history whereby we are absolutely unable to discern good from evil, nor recognize the use of Godly restraint over cowardly chicken…. I’ve read The Book from cover to cover, so I know how the story ends.

Otherwise I would be left to consider that some type of evil spell has been supernaturally cast over the entire world causing mass insanity as the nations of the world increasingly choose darkness over light and death over life.

What do I mean? I’m speaking of the death-loving forces of radical Islam over the peace-loving people of God–the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In other words, country after country is abandoning the people of Israel, the Jews, the “apple of God’s eye.”

Even many within Israel’s own government are being used as pawns of the enemy as they blindly dance to the various tunes pumped out by Mahmoud Abbas and other anti-Semites. Have we learned nothing from history?

Do we really think Israel is weak and unable to defend herself? Au contraire! All we have to do is look back to 1967 when tiny Israel defeated every Arab country that came against her! Surely Israel would be annihilated in what was going to be an extremely powerful act of war and aggression.

Barely off the ground as a nation, Israel managed to muster the strength, knowhow and determination to defeat her powerful enemies, enemies that possessed considerable armies and well-stocked arsenals.

What Israel could not do on her own, God stepped in and finished. There is no other explanation. Humanly speaking, it was impossible for Israel to survive, much less prevail. The coalition of united Arab forces aligned against Israel was huge and consisted of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole of the Arab world. As is today, Israel stood alone. Yet in six days, with God’s help, the war ended and Israel was victorious.

Land under Israel’s control tripled in size and she reclaimed many holy sites. There are many eyewitness accounts of some of the miracles God gave the people of Israel back in 1967.

Israel’s people still qualify to receive help from heaven when God wills it and when the people humble themselves and pray. Surely the miracles of today will be no less spectacular than they were in 1967, or throughout Jewish history. One such miraculous account told by Israeli Colonel Uri Banari was reported by Israel National News and concerned the town of Shechem, known today as Nablus.

In their approach to Shechem, Colonel Banari tells how Israel was prepared for a long and tough battle, because the city was heavily guarded and filled with tens of thousands inhabitants armed and ready to battle Israel. He recalled how very surprised the Israeli army was when they freely walked into Shechem.

“At the entrance to Shechem,” he said, “stood thousands of Arabs who waved white handkerchiefs and clapped their hands. In our naïveté, we returned greetings and smiles. We entered the town and wondered: We are advancing and there is no disorder, and the crowds are cheering. Suddenly something happened which changed the entire picture in a moment.

One of our officers wanted to disarm an Arab guard. When the latter refused, our officer fired a shot in the air. At that moment, all the crowds disappeared and streets emptied out. The Arabs began sniper fire… Only later, did I understand. The residents of Shechem thought that we were the Iraqi forces who were due to arrive from the direction of Jordan.

The numerous enemy tanks were (uselessly) situated on the other side of Shechem. They woke up to their error too late.” The same miraculous pattern was reported in other towns along the way. Caught by surprise, Arab soldiers abandoned their weapons and their posts; Israel thus prevailed. Just as Hitler and the Crusaders did their best to crush, kill and destroy the Jews, so did the coalition of

Arab states back in 1967. Yet, the Jews remain. Israel is showing great restraint today in dealing with her enemies, but not out of fear, intimidation or cowardice. Israel knows a full-blown confrontation with her Arab enemies will result in much death and destruction; shock waves will be felt all around the world. Israel is well prepared to defend her land and her people.

She can, and will, push back and defeat those who openly call for her destruction. The world should be thanking Israel for exercising maturity, restraint and diplomacy before Israel reaches the end of her rope and we all suffer the consequences as the “chicken…” hits the fan. Let’s face it.

The Palestinians do not (yet) deserve a state of their own. They are not seeking peace, nor do they want a two-state solution. All they truly want is Israel’s complete destruction. Why, then, does the world coddle these barbarians as if they were fighting for some noble cause?

The Bible, The Book I’ve read cover-to-cover, says the time will come when people will call evil, good and good, evil. Even without my glasses, I clearly see we have reached this prophesied moment in time.

The Book further states that once Israel becomes a nation (which happened in 1948) they will never again be removed from their land — the land deeded to them by the God of Israel, the same God who will fight their battles today just as He has done throughout history.

The Books are open and God is writing. Those who bless Israel will be blessed; those who curse Israel will be cursed …for all eternity. Fence straddling is not allowed. Those who stand against Israel stand against the God of the universe. Israel, God is with you–yesterday, today and forever.

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