Freedom of expression is the celebration, not gay pride.

As the world is aware after wide publicity, Tel Aviv, Israel just hosted a week-long Gay Pride rally down its streets where an estimated 180,000 gay people and transgenders paraded themselves in front of the whole world.

In a national Jewish land also recognized as being holy ground, the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community represents an unnatural state of human activity that the Bible calls an abomination. This is not the writer’s call, but God’s description. Thus it is logically inferred that gay pride week is nothing but desecration and flaunting of sinful perversion in God’s face. Don’t blame me, tell God.

From a societal point of view, if the LGBT people simply want to make the world aware that there are such people, then so be it. But the parade and flaunting of themselves goes beyond this. They are having a party; an open, in-your-face party that flies against all Jewish and Christian morals and ethics.

For the religious community it is a very sad situation to see because we know their ultimate destiny according to the Tanach and Bible. They do not want any help, with some exceptions, because they, too, are a religious people. Regardless of whether or not they profess Judaism or Christianity, they are really of the pagan religious persuasion. One of their main idols is themselves. It is apparent by there lifestyle that they do not follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Let it be understood that this writing is not about vitriol or being pugnacious. It is written out of sadness for the lifestyle and fate of the LGBT community of people. There will be those who will disbelieve this sadness but then that becomes their problem, not mine.

When seen as sin or as the Bible says “abomination,” the gay pride week is particularly bitter because here in America there is a strong current calling for repentance and revival. Not repentance of just defying God by unnatural sexual orientation, but of sin of all types. Sin is sin … period. It is a call to teshuvah (repentance) with a concurrent decision to wholehearted dedication to a new life, hence the associated term “revival.” Only in this way is there true freedom; a freedom without fear of consequences. It is a way that God and only God provides.

The core and consequence of LGBT pride needs to be addressed but no one seems to be openly doing so because it’s not “politically correct.” The openness of gay pride week resonates with disgust to most religious Jews and Christians because of the flaunting of anti-God morals and ethics and God says in His Word that He will not be mocked. Many people around the world, mostly in private conversation, recognize this but the gay parade also reflects another truth.

Regardless of how a person feels about the LGBT community, the pride, rallies and parades are exhibited in countries where they are free to express themselves. We do not have to like it but we must respect the right of freedom of speech that is characteristic of free, democratic countries such as the Jewish State of Israel and the United States of America. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that would allow such open self-expression and this makes Israel unique in a region and neighborhood where gays are put to death for their sexual preference. In the Middle East, only in Israel are gays allowed to openly parade without fear of arrest and retribution and for this every gay person in the world should be pro-Israel. Countries ruled by despots or harsh religious leaders are characterized by persecution and human rights abuses of just such LGBT persons. The real celebration should rightly be the country, in this case Israel, which allows such freedom.

Joint freedoms of democratic governments all have a common recognition of human freedom so long as it does not constitute abuse or trampling of the rights of others. Israel is one of them. This is what makes Israel great in the world. Israel stands out in the midst of other Middle Eastern countries that are constrained by governments that resist such human freedoms. I would rather live in the Jewish State of Israel than in any of her neighboring countries.

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