Freedom at the Expense of Others

A traitor is a person, country or group that betrays and is disloyal to another by helping or supporting its enemy. Yes, there are groups of Jews and Christians, including the liberal base of the US Democrat Party, which can be labeled as traitors to Israel.

Europeans who were exposed to Nazism and Fascism before and during WWII are now participating in anti-Semitic protests. Israel has been suffering terrorizing rocket attacks over the past decade and decided to defend her citizens. Israel needed to destroy Hamas terror tunnels and Hamas’ ability to rain rockets down on Israeli towns and cities. Astonishingly, the traitor protesters are favoring Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, but not Israel! How is this possible?
Question: how does the elevation of Hamas and its unscrupulous barbarian dictators who harm, oppress, mistreat and show no justice towards their own innocent people, jive with groups who say they want “justice and freedom for all” under the umbrella of democracy? Either their democracy means something different from our democracy, or these groups are blatantly betraying Israel and their own “so-called” cause of freedom.
Do the traitors not know about the huge numbers of Jewish scientists, scholars, teachers, pastors and leaders who were slaughtered in the Holocaust? Do they not recognize the monumental impact for technological advancement today’s Israelis have been consistently bringing to the world for the benefit of all humanity? Do they not recognize that Western values match Jewish values? For example, Israel is a Jewish nation which preserves and protects the religious freedom of all, without discrimination, to practice their religion and this includes secularism. The ultra-Orthodox do not run the Israeli government unless a majority elects them. Israel promotes free speech. The liberality of custom and religion are obvious on Israel’s streets. Israel identifies with her European counterparts and is the total opposite of Middle East Muslim fundamentalist religion-based totalitarian rule. Arabs actually serve in positions of authority within Israel’s government. Israel’s technological advancements and cultural achievements are not reflective of the gene pool but rather of the culture of freedom. So, how is it possible to have sympathy for terrorists and condemn Israel?
North Korea and Iran display goose-stepping hooded troops on parade for all the world to see. Islamists parade with plastic bombs strapped to their side. Have you ever seen Israeli troops with sunglasses and chests full of tawdry metals parade like that in Israel? No! Israel’s soldiers are warm, friendly (men and women) who seem to enjoy one another’s company. Their officers are more like the army of the United States than of tyrannical dictators and Mullahs. Again, how can anyone who values freedom and democracy possibly have any sympathy at all for Hamas and other terrorist organizations?
Before I get to the crux of the issue, nestled in with the anti-Semitic headlines is this glimmer of hope: “Hundreds of young American Jews arrive in Israel…young American and Canadian Jews have arrived…ready to join the Israeli army despite the ongoing conflict in Gaza.” God bless those who stand true to Israel and her democratic and spiritually positive leadership.
The question is, what is the “why” behind these headlines: “True Torah Jews are Against Zionism,” or “French Jews Stand Firm as Anti-Israel Voices Grow Louder, and boast that hate crimes against Jews are on the rise in Europe.” In the U.S., Jews were reported to march in a NYC rally against Israel’s war in Gaza. This disturbing announcement caught my attention: “Christians Against Jews.” A July 15, 2011, article reported the World Council of Churches, a collection of some 347 Protestant churches and denominations with more than 500 million Christians world-wide, during a conference held in Jordan in 2007, called for a crusade to end the Jews’ occupation of their Biblical land. Also, consider this bite from the Democratic National Convention in 2012: many of the pro-Israel delegates were disturbed that the party platform committee eliminated traditional language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; they couldn’t muster a simple majority. Thankfully, the Republican leaders and most Americans stand solidly with Israel and the Jewish people.
It is a given that moderate Arab states merely tolerate Israel, and Islamic states are violently against Israel. Add into the mix of countries (and people groups) openly or secretly fighting for, or yearning for, Israel’s demise, such as some Christians, the U.S. liberal Democrats, Europeans and even Jewish groups, and we see an extremely disturbing trend. These groups are striking matches to light up anti-Israel/Jewish fires that conjure up visions of the conditions which led up to WWII. Shouldn’t protesting traitors (who enjoy freedom that came from the sacrifices of others) be locked arm-in-arm with Israel in pursuit of democracy and justice and freedom for all?
Or does Shakespeare’s “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” …that the word democracy doth another meaning have in the minds of, and according to, the intentions of the traitors who doth protest and agitate! The “Mission Statement” of “Socialism and Democracy online” reads: “Socialism and Democracy is committed to showing the relevance of socialist politics and vision… the perspective is broadly Marxist…” Oh dear. Marxist? Socialist? That’s not my view of democracy. Is it yours?
“To what end do you seek?” we ask the World Council of Churches. Perhaps, assuming the demise of Israel to be the ultimate goal of anti-Semitic protesters, Israel’s traitors should experience living among the barbarians and under heathen Hamas to get a big taste what it will feel like to live under their thumbs before they push Israel, and others who value real freedom and democracy, over the cliff.

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