A Note to the Media – Count Bombs Rather than Bodies

The media has it all wrong. They are failing to provide accurate information so it is time it was provided to them.
First of all, the world grieves for the wounded and dead Palestinians but the blame does not belong to Israel – it belongs squarely on the shoulders of Hamas who use their own people as human shields to protect their weapons. Simply stated, Israel uses her weapons to protect her people but Hamas uses their people to protect their weapons.

It is a fact acknowledged by the Secretary General of the United Nations and other world leaders that Hamas uses their own people as human shields to protect their weapons which are stockpiled in hospitals, schools, senior centers and homes in the heart of densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods. It is also a known fact that before Israel sends a retaliatory strike into Gaza, they first warn the residents to vacate by sending text messages, placing phone calls and dropping leaflets. Hamas prevents their people from leaving thereby intentionally placing them in harms way. This serves a two-fold purpose for Hamas. They know Israel will not intentionally target civilians but if civilians do get in the way by failing to evacuate, then the dead and wounded will play well for Hamas’ media campaign and gain them additional sympathy from the public.
It is not Israel which is constantly raining rockets down on Gaza and the Palestinian people. Israel responds to attacks on her citizens. Israel does not initiate attacks against the Palestinian people. The media wants to draw some sort of moral equivalency between the number of dead and wounded Palestinians and the superiority of Israel’s military capabilities when there is no equivalency whatsoever. The media should be counting the bombs and not the bodies. If every rocket Hamas has launched into Israel had hit a target, the number of dead and wounded Israelis would far outnumber the horrendous count of dead and wounded Palestinians. The fact that so many of Hamas’s rockets have landed in open fields is nothing short of a miracle thanks to the Almighty God.
Yes, we do grieve for the suffering of the Palestinian people but the blame does not belong to Israel. Hamas has failed their own people and has caused them great suffering. Instead of building tunnels with all that cement, money, manpower and others materials, they should have been building schools, hospitals, homes and a solid infrastructure to improve the lives of the people of Gaza. Those tunnels were constructed for no other purpose than to bring terror and death to innocent Israelis. This is why those tunnels were dug to reach Israeli schools, daycare centers, senior centers, synagogues and other places where Israeli civilians congregate. Hamas holds the key to peace. All they have to do is stop attacking Israel, stop their reign of terror against the people of Israel and recognize Israel’s right to peacefully exist as a Jewish state.

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