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Iran master negotiators practiced in the art of deception

On the day thousands of Iranians celebrated the 36th anniversary of the destruction of the...Read More

Calm before the Storm in the Middle East

So now the three Biblically required attended feasts for the calendar year have ended. The...Read More

Waiting for the Dust to Settle on the Iranian Nuclear Plan

While waiting for the dust to settle on the impressive sounding Iranian nuclear plan known...Read More

The New Old anti-Semitism

Any humanitarian, religious or not, would call racism in any form a loathsome social evil....Read More

Peace and Hatred Cannot Coexist

There is nothing more emotionally devastating than to lose one’s child regardless of age. The...Read More

O“bomb”a’s explosive legacy - Iran

While it’s no longer news, it’s still shockingly unbelievable that President Obama and the P5+1...Read More

True Christians are not part of the BDS crowd

Anyone who supports a BDS campaign against Israel and claims to be a Christian is...Read More

The anti-Semitic UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council recently released its report of the Israeli-Gaza conflict last summer...Read More

Freedom of expression is the celebration, not gay pride.

As the world is aware after wide publicity, Tel Aviv, Israel just hosted a week-long...Read More

Abbas keeps looking for something for nothing

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a Abu Mazen, has repeatedly announced publicly his demands if there...Read More

Who is Jimmy Carter but a thorn in Israel’s side?

Former US President Jimmy Carter was recently scheduled to visit Israel, Gaza and the West...Read More

Will Mr. Obama’s fifty billion dollar 'bribe' seal a deal with Iran?

News about Mr. Obama’s $50 billion bonus to Iran recently hit the wires. It could...Read More

Islam boldly infiltrating America at alarming rate.

A brand new, first-of-its-kind Muslim college at Berkeley, California, received its accreditation March 15, 2015...Read More

Did Bibi take a chance? No! He took a stand!

There’s an old saying, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s...Read More

Mr. Obama’s "Byrd"-brain strategy backfires

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has won what the Israeli media are calling “a decisive victory,”...Read More

Caution, Israel! Don’t elect Doves to do a Lion’s job.

Has President Obama’s former national campaign field director, Jeremy Bryd, succeeded in changing Israelis into...Read More

Israel has America’s back while we are stabbing theirs

Election fever is gripping the Israeli public these days with the big election for control...Read More

An Ideology of Destruction is the Hallmark of Radical Islam

I believe I’d be correct in saying that virtually the entire civilized world is asking...Read More

A weapon Israel refuses to use

Almost before the last blast cooled from Israel’s 50-day “Operation Protective Edge” in Gaza this...Read More

Another victory for Iran – Fewer sanctions, more time

Right track? Wrong track? The November 24, 2014 deadline has come and gone. As in...Read More

Left-Wingers Succeed In Splitting Israel's Coalition

It is official. The current government in Israel is dissolving. An early election has been...Read More

Denounce Terrorism or Pay the Consequences!

Very few who live outside of Israel possess a clear understanding of Israel’s situation as...Read More

Arabic Broadcasting Network Funded by US Tax Dollars? Incredibly,Yes!

Does anyone know about the Alhurra Network? About Radio Sawa? Most will be shocked to...Read More

Has Obama Cut a Shady Deal with Iran’s Ayatollah Kahmenei?

Ever since a ‘secret’ letter penned by U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama to the Iran’s...Read More

Godly Restraint or Cowardly Chicken…?

We’ve reached a point in world history whereby we are absolutely unable to discern good...Read More

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