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Earl Cox

Earl Cox

For the past twenty years Earl Cox has been an international Christian broadcaster and journalist whose articles appear in major magazines and newspapers including the Jerusalem Post and whose pro-Israel daily television and radio commentaries are aired around the world.

Earl’s career began in the early 1960s as a reporter and news anchor for television stations in Columbia, SC and Durham, NC. While at Capital City Broadcasting Television, Earl was sent to Vietnam to cover feature news much of which was provided and used on the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. Upon his return from Vietnam, he was recognized by the United States Air Force for his human interest stories of military personnel and presented with the U.S. Distinguished Citizenship Award for his reporting.

Prior to becoming an advocate for Israel, Earl Cox served in senior level positions as the spokesperson for four U.S. presidents representing three major departments of government; U.S. Departments of Labor, Agriculture and Commerce. Additionally, at Agriculture and Labor he was named as the Director of Information and Public Affairs. His contributions in government service at the Commerce Department earned him the government’s third highest award which is the Bronze Medal for outstanding service. For over ten years he appeared in “Who’s Who” in U.S. government. Earl Cox also served as press secretary to the U.S. Secretary of Labor Ray Donovan and U.S. Congressman James Gardner of North Carolina. He managed the national presidential draft campaigns for Elizabeth Dole and for Colin Powell. Earl Cox ended his government career at the highest ranking civilian level.

As a result of his outspoken support for Israel and her people, Earl Cox along with Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Effrat were recognized by Prime Minister Netanyahu as ambassadors of goodwill to Christian and Jewish communities around the world. Earl Cox is the founder of the weekly radio broadcast called Front Page Jerusalem which is produced in Jerusalem and has been airing for over fifteen years reaching audiences around the world. He was named as “The voice of Israel to America” by Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

As the former spokesperson for Operation LifeShield, Earl Cox has been directly and indirectly responsible for having raised millions of dollars for bomb shelters placed primarily throughout southern Israel and for the distribution of ballistic proof backpacks to school children in southern Israel. Additionally, he has supported Yemin Orde Youth Village, Eden girls facility near the Gaza border, works closely with Holocaust survivors in Sderot, has provided funds to help with handicapped children through Rabbi Haim Miller who is the former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, helped support Magen David Adom and numerous individuals whose families have suffered terror attacks.

Neither Earl nor any of the many people around the world who work with him have ever received a salary or compensation of any kind from donated funds. 100% of all contributions received go directly toward helping Israel and her people.

Earl Cox currently travels extensively at his own expense promoting support for Israel and doing all within his power to combat the rising tide of anti-Semitism by educating through the electronic and print medias. He has been a guest on major television networks in America and Israel. He is presently engaged in promoting a project which will combat anti-Semitism and BDS on college and university campuses across America. It’s called the the I-Team (Israel Team) and is comprised of professional and collegiate coaches and athletes. The first educational trip for the I-Team to visit Israel is scheduled for May 2017 with three additional trips scheduled for later in the year.

While Earl operates within the Christian community, he is not a preacher, evangelist or theologian. Earl Cox promotes Israel and her people as the chosen land and people of God whose inheritance is the Land of Israel through God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.