Remember Israel with your Financial Giving

Throughout the entire year, please remember Israel
on your financial gift giving list.


Holiday and year-end financial gifts are truly appreciated however please remember Israel and her people all year long as you make important decisions regarding where to send your hard earned resources for charitable purposes.  With economic times as difficult as they are for everyone, please know that virtually every penny of every donation received through Israel Always is passed along for its intended purpose.  For example, if you send a donation to Israel Always along with a note asking that it be used to help provide food for an individual or family in need in Israel or that it be applied toward the acquisition of an additional transportable bomb shelter, we will simply record your donation and either send that amount to Israel or hand deliver it during one of our quarterly visits to the Holy Land.  If a donation is earmarked for a particular purpose or project (such as Operation LifeShield transportable bomb shelters) we combine all donations received for that particular purpose or project and present one sizable check rather than multiple smaller donations.  We are truly blessed to be able to operate in this manner thanks to the many dedicated volunteers who unselfishly give of their time and talents to help us help Israel.

Because Israel Always is an all volunteer entity, from top to bottom no one receives a salary or compensation of any kind.  When we travel to Israel, each volunteer is responsible to pay their own travel, lodging and food expenses out of their personal resources.  Of course there are overhead expenses however these are paid from the personal resources of the founder of Israel Always, Earl Cox and his wife, Kathleen.


Below is a partial list of several of the programs and projects to which Israel Always provides financial assistance.


OPERATION LIFESHIELD – providing transportable bomb shelters to areas of need in Israel. While it may not make the news each day, the Palestinians and other radical Muslims are continuing to hurl rockets and bombs into Israel terrorizing, killing and maiming innocent civilians which, unfortunately, means there is still a need for these bomb shelters. No where else in the world is a bomb shelter considered essential equipment for children’s playgrounds. To date we have saturated the areas in and around Sderot and Sha’ar Hanagev and are now focusing on Ashkelon and areas in the north.  At the entrance to each shelter a plaque is affixed which bears the name of the person or organization responsible for having purchased that shelter.


THE JERUSALEM CENTER FOR AID – founded by Rabbi Chaim Miller, this organization, through its all volunteer staff, provides special programs and services to severely handicapped children and their families.


THE INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN EMBASSY JERUSALEM – is an organization which operates in the same professional manner as a government embassy except that most of the staff is responsible for, and required to, raise their own salaries through their sponsoring churches, families and friends back home. The ICEJ helps meet a myriad of needs in Israel to include providing financial assistance to survivors of the Holocaust; many of whom live at or below the poverty level. The ICEJ is also the producer of Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio; an international radio broadcast founded by Earl Cox for the purpose of making the truth about Israel known to the world in an effort to combat anti-Israel mainstream media biases.


Yemin Orde Youth Village – is located in the north of Israel in the beautiful mountains of Carmel. Yemin Orde Wingate Youth Village honors the memory of Major General Orde Charles Wingate. Orde Wingate was a British army officer who was an ardent supporter of the Jewish cause in Palestine, although he himself was not Jewish. Wingate was a devout Christian believer who saw in the return of the Jews a realization of the biblical prophecies. Stationed in Palestine in 1936, he was known as “Ha-Yedid” (“The Friend”) because of the role he played in fighting the Arab terror campaign and for helping to train Haganah fighters.  Yemin Orde Youth Village has a reputation for growing up children who become fully integrated contributing members of Israeli society. Founded in 1953, Yemin Orde’s first residents were a few dozen Holocaust orphans. Over the years, the Village has welcomed refugees and immigrants from Iran, North Africa, India,Yemen and Eastern Europe. Today, most of the children hail from places such as the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, and Brazil. About half of the population comes from dysfunctional homes which are unable or unwilling to provide proper care, nourishment and nurturing. Many of the children at Yemin Orde are orphans with no known family.


A WARM HOME FOR EVERY SOLDIER – founded by the mother of and IDF soldier, this unique program makes certain that on weekends and holidays when all but the most essential Israeli military bases close down, each soldier who is without family in Israel has a warm place to stay and nourishing, satisfying meals to enjoy.  Unlike in the United States, when Israeli bases close for holidays and weekends, soldiers are expected to vacate the premises and spend these off days with family and friends. Those without family and friends must fend for themselves and IDF soldiers do not earn much of a salary. For this reason, Ariela Shmida-Doron, owner of the Jerusalem Gold Hotel, has opened her doors and her heart to take in as many “homeless” soldiers as space will permit. Thank you, Ariela, for all you do quietly and behind the scenes to help make life for others a little bit happier.