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Kissinger Up to His Old Tricks – Promoting a New World Order

Henry A. Kissinger, 91, former Secretary of State and Asst to President Nixon for National...Read More

Ultra-left Liberal “Peace Now," Obama and Livni Adding to Israel’s Woes

It’s puzzling. When Israel builds homes on their own land, they are called “occupiers.” Should...Read More

Is God Through with the Jews?

Anti-Semitism is spreading around the world at an alarming speed. In case you don’t know...Read More

Tzipi, where is your allegiance… With Israel or Obama and Kerry?

Who is in denial? Is it Benjamin Netanyahu or Israel’s Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni,...Read More

Freedom at the Expense of Others

A traitor is a person, country or group that betrays and is disloyal to another...Read More

A Note to the Media – Count Bombs Rather than Bodies

The media has it all wrong. They are failing to provide accurate information so it...Read More

Kerry and the “Merry-go-Round” of History

Preparing to write this article was akin to riding a roller coaster with no end...Read More

Forget the Facts. Blame Israel First … CNN does.

A U.S. CNN news anchor recently tried to blast Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the...Read More

Israelis are Givers; Palestinians are Takers

Whoever wins the war of public opinion will smell victorious. Hamas knows this and they...Read More

“Yes! Free, Free Palestine!”

This chant is being shouted from streets of major cities across America and around the...Read More

Radical Islam will not prevail against Israel

Not all ideologies are created equal. In the past few weeks, since the terrorist group,...Read More

Radical Islam Miscalculates Israel’s Patience

Finally, it appears Israel has recognized that she has the same rights as the United...Read More

Rewarding terrorists with US tax dollars

Anyone paying the slightest attention is shaking their heads in disbelief over developments between two...Read More

Evangelical Christians Greatly Puzzled by Livni’s Actions

The Evangelical Christians of the world are the most ardent supporters of Israel. They are...Read More

Will Pope Bring Blessings or Curses to the Catholic Church?

Pope Francis will be welcomed to the Holy Land by Israel on May 25, 2014....Read More

Presbyterian Church gets in bed with radical Islam

The US government and universities have been infiltrated and influenced by Islamists. Why should we...Read More

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